New Plant Breeders’ Rights Signs Available

In an effort to educate the public regarding the new Plant Breeders’ Rights, many seed industry
companies have taken steps to advertise, and communicate the changes to growers in Western Canada.
SeCan has generously sponsored educational signs for our association, with the goal of spreading the
word regarding the new Plant Breeders’ Rights to growers in Alberta. The signs contain information
regarding the changes to the PBR rules and how it affects growers, seed processors, and grain

Every seed plant will get a set (2) of these signs to put up in the driveway, or other location
that is clearly visible to your customers. A big THANK YOU goes out to SECAN for partnering with our
association in this public outreach initiative. As the signs are quite large, and do not lend themselves to
be shipped in an economical manner, the signs will be available from your Regional Director.