The Alberta Seed Processors are a network of seed and grain processing professionals focused on providing Alberta farmers, seed growers and the agriculture industry with value added services to support the growth of the local and global agriculture economy
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Important changes to Canada's Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) Act are now in effect. Updated PBR legislation impacts everyone in the seed value chain. Understand the changes and your obligations under the new PBR rules.
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Are you Seed Smart? The Alberta Seed Processors encourage growers to use the best seed possible to target successful crop production and to learn as much as you can about your seed.
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With 67 individual farmer-owned seed and grain processing co-ops located throughout Alberta, and the Peace region of BC, the Alberta Seed Processors, formerly known as Alberta Association of Co-op Seed Cleaning Plants Ltd. offers a wide range of services. In addition to basic seed cleaning, many co-op plants offer services such as exporting of specialty grains and pulse crops, producer car loading sites, processing for grain brokers, and as distribution sites for seed growers/companies.



Our Vision

To create seed and grain processing opportunities for local and global markets

Our Mission

To strengthen and build upon past accomplishments in seed and grain processing and business diversification focusing on long term business sustainability.

Our Members

Currently membership is open to any agricultural based co-op within a reasonable distance to Alberta to ensure membership benefits can be delivered.


Alberta Seed Processors are heading up a program aimed to encourage growers to use the best seed possible to target successful crop production.


Alberta Seed Guide

Published twice a year, the Alberta Seed Guide (ASG) is the farmers go-to source of variety and performance information. Reaching over 50,000 farmers with sought after regional variety trial information, new varieties data and the grower directory to source seed, farmers in the Peace region of B.C. and across Alberta rely on ASG.

Produced in partnership by the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers Association and the Alberta Seed Processors, ASG goes beyond variety information offering in-depth articles on the issues driving change in the industry, seed and whole-farm best management practices, and new seed related products.