Webinar: Agri-Workforce Attraction & Retention Lessons from the Oil & Gas Industry

Improve staff retention by learning from other industry sectors

February 16 | 1:30 – 3 p.m. MDT

Can we learn more about attracting and retaining workers from the oil and gas sector? This webinar featuring Cheryl Knight will outline attraction and retention lessons learned from her years in the oil and gas industry and identify current opportunities for agriculture. During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how agriculture employers can benefit from the current oil and gas labour market
  • Find out more about workforce planning
  • Discover how to identify transferable skills from other sectors
  • Explore retention and engagement tips
  • Learn more about Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Workforce Development Program

Register now for the webinar

For more information, please contact Gerard Bos at gerard.bos@gov.ab.ca or 780-980-4222.