Reach New Heights – ASP 2016 AGM

Welcome to the 63rd Annual Meeting

Both the seed industry, and our organization are undergoing major transitions. The Board of Directors have organized an agenda that should not only assist in garnering input from the membership as to the path forward for the Association, but also to provide guidance for individual Seed Processing Facilities to operate thriving businesses into the future. We have invited Wilf Keller from Ag West BioTech in Saskatoon to be our guest speaker on Thursday, talking how Biotech has shaped Agriculture in the past, present and into the future. At YOUR round table sessions, the Board needs to gather ideas and feedback on expanding our membership (or not), as well as receive feedback on how Plants are addressing the new Plant Breeders’ Rights Law.

Please note that all resolutions must be submitted in writing (mail, fax or email) prior to Tuesday, December 15th. Please see enclosed form to use when submitting. This allows time to distribute copies of resolutions to all Member Plants for review prior to the AGM which will then allow for proper discussion and debate.

Regional Elections for provincial directors in Regions 3, 4 & 7 will take place on Thursday January 14th. If you are in any of these regions, please bring forward nominations for Provincial Directorships! Remember that Apathy kills many real good organizations: Let’s ensure this organization is a great one, by being involved.

As always, the Board is sensitive to the ever-rising costs of meeting attendance, to that end, we strive to bring excellent value to AGM attendees: Registration Includes: ­

  • Welcome Reception/Entertainment on Wednesday evening ­
  • Breakfast, Luncheon & Banquet with entertainment on Thursday ­
  • Breakfast & Luncheon on Friday. ­
  • Access to the entire convention as per agenda: opportunity to have input as to the operation and direction of Your Association. ­
  • BONUS WORKSHOP Employee Retention & Attraction & Financial Planning SCHEDULED AFTER THE AGM ON FRIDAY

We sincerely hope you are be able to join us, your input is important to shape the future of our Seed Processing Association.

See You in January!

David Bishop


Join us for the ASP annual meeting January 13-16, 2016. Click here for meeting and registration info.

2015 Board Report for 2016 AGM